Bringing the Invisible Barrier to life
People with disability are twice as likely to be unemployed as their able-bodied counterparts. All because of a barrier we can’t see – the unconscious bias of employers. The Dylan Alcott Foundation asked the only people who had ever seen the barrier – people with disability – to tell the world about it, before asking employers, businesses and the government to #RemoveTheBarrier.
The campaign launched with a powerful 90 second film alongside heartfelt interview footage, OOH, social media posts and videos, PR, and a website that gave everyone from employees to employers, actions they could take to make changes in their workplace.
Remove the barrier has received over 76 million earned media impressions, with over 400 local and international businesses and organisations now acting to improve disability-employment conditions, along with government-run NDIS announcing its first ever employment target for people with disability – 30% employment by 2023.

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