Delivering a feed to those in need.
Every year Australians spend over 2.6 billion dollars on home food delivery. At the same time, over 116,000 people are homeless and lack stable access to food. But 95% of them do have access to phones, which means while they might not have a home, with GPS we can know where they live.
So, we turned the luxury act of ordering Deliveroo into a crowdsourced act of charity
”A donation mechanic as simple
as adding a side of fries”
When users opened the Deliveroo app, a new menu item appeared amongst the regular food items. The ‘Donation Tile’ could be added to a food order as easily as adding a drink.

The collected funds were then distributed via homelessness charity ‘Lighthouse Foundation’.

Hungry recipients could use the Deliveroo app just like anyone else, ordering whatever they fancied from some of over 3,600 nearby restaurants. Their orders were delivered directly to their GPS location. No street address required.

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