The latest in comedy intelligence
is already here.
Robots are taking over the world, and Artificial Intelligence is taking giant leaps towards becoming more human-like that we ever thought possible. But there is one frontier A.I. is yet to master - comedy.

The truth is, when it comes to comedy, nothing beats the real thing. To launch the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, we released LOL-BOT - the world's first self learning comedy robot. Well, at least that's what we told people...
The live show
LOL-BOT debuted at the opening of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival as a live performance in front of a real crowd. People interacted with him on stage, and asked him questions. Little did they know what LOL-BOT really was... 
After we fooled people into believing we had created the world’s first stand-up comedy robot, we revealed that it was being powered by seven of Australia’s top comedians backstage.
Revealing the joke
Once we had the world convinced, we revealed the joke as an online film - which translated to additional PR and a TVC for the festival.

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