If you're tough enough to pour it, 
you're tough enough to drink it.
Mercury Cider was first brewed in Tasmania, Australia 1911. Times were harder back then, which is why it has a higher alcohol content than other ciders. The problem is, the Australian market is saturated with ciders that are targeted towards a more feminine demographic. As a result, men had stopped drinking cider - opting to stick with beer instead.
To relaunch the brand over 100 years later, we created a bespoke cider tap that reminded men just how tough our cider is.
Taking the tap on tour across Australia.
We installed the tap in some of Australia's toughest pubs and events across the country - from Tasmania to Echuca. The tap gave blokes a chance to step up and take the ultimate test of toughness. If they succeeded, they got a free cider, and kept they pride.

National leaderboard & map
With each pull of the tap, not only did blokes get free cider, but they were also ranked on our national leaderboard - comparing their toughest against the rest of the country.
Social content:
We created bespoke content for Facebook, Youtube, and Snapchat.
As patrons attempted to pour themselves a free cider, an animated GIF was automatically created and shared on social media. Their results were added to a national leaderboard in a search from Australia's toughest person, state, pub and football team.
We then added to the campaign with online films that challenged men on their masculinity, and invited them to see if they had what it takes to drink Mercury.
We told men how hard our cider was, then told them they weren't tough enough, then made them prove that they were. We weren't nice about it, and Australia loved it.
The tap is soon to become a permanent fixture at Australia's toughest sporting ground: The MCG

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